About Us

EGRUM LLC is one the industry’s newly innovative leaders, founded in 2018 by a highly ambitious entrepreneur. Providing a conglomerate of services, from inventions, to entertainment, graphic designs and education.

Our goal is to create and promote a continuum of new and unique products now and for future markets as well.

In todays competitive environment, companies need innovative solutions to ensure competitive edge. As technology is abundant and knowledge becomes a commodity, clients want new performances, sustainable solutions, at affordable prices.

By combining worldwide best practices in Business, Technology and Management, EGRUM LLC offers an integrated Innovation Dynamic that acts as a toolbox, a method and a philosophy for value creation. The systematic approach allows to companies to position their current product, process or service in comparison with competitors and other indirectly related industries.

EGRUM LLC brings a checklist for innovation potential that acts as a turbo for new value creation. Whatever the problem the company is facing, it is highly probable that someone somewhere faced the same problem and successfully solved it. Nobody is as smart as all of us, and it is often more efficient to identify existing solutions worldwide, rather than to brainstorming companywide.

EGRUM LLC open innovation model allows your companies to connect problem with existing solution strategies.
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